Hospital Consultancy and Management

Through WorldCare, you now have access to the combined expertise from some of the best academic medical centers in the WorldCare Consortium for all your hospital consultancy and management needs. With fourteen years of experience, and access to the latest international advances in healthcare and medical technology, WorldCare is uniquely positioned to assemble cross-functional teams to provide highly specialized and customized healthcare consulting in the areas of infrastructure development, operation, and management of hospitals, clinics and telemedicine networks.

Sample services include:

  • Project Management Support (strategic planning and feasibility analyses)
  • Facilities Development Support (financial, architectural, engineering and construction services)
  • Management/Operations Support (workflow, IT, materials management, clinical/laboratory services analysis, QA/QC, recruiting, training, and CME)
  • Outsourcing of actual and/or virtual clinical services including teleradiology and e-consultation

Over the past fourteen years, WorldCare has supported healthcare initiatives worldwide by providing a wealth of innovative and creative concepts. By tapping into the expertise within our Consortium institutions, we focus on creating solutions which are state-of-the-art, cost effective, and continuously at the leading edge.

To learn more about how you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of thousands of medical service professionals at leading hospitals around the world, contact